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Title Objects and Objections of Ethnography
Call Number 301 Siegel O
ISBN/ISSN 978-0-8232-3275-8
Author(s) Siegel, James T.
Subject(s) Anthropology | Ethnography
Classification 301
Series Title
GMD Printed Book
Language English
Publisher Fordham University Press
Publishing Year 2011
Publishing Place United States Of America
Collation 192hlm
Abstract/Notes Synopses & Reviews
Publisher Comments:
The essays in this volume, in all their astonishing richness and diversity, focus on the question of the other.Brimming with whole flotillas of new ideas, they delineate subtle and various ways in which that question can be made the basis of an ethnographic project.In them, the author responds to the invitations extended by a specific location rather than pursuing a codified method. And they examine many different socialities in many different locations-among them the Cornell University campus in the late seventies, the former Muse de l'Homme and the Quai Branly Museum in Paris, theIndonesian province of Aceh in the wake of the tsunami of 2004, and contemporary Indonesia, in the liminal figures of the Jew and the Chinese. The author meticulously traces how the social and cultural responses in each location are astonishingly different-in the form, say, of gorges, faces, garbage, and fetishes.Regrettably, these days anthropologists have a tendency to look for similarities rather than differences, to show how one phenomenon is just likeanother. This book stands determinedly against this trend, both in its ethnographic examinations and in how it takes up such figures as Kant, Derrida, Bataille, Simmel, and Leiris so as to illuminate not only the objects of ethnography but also differences among the perspectivesthese thinkers represent.This book will put the methods and objects of anthropology in an entirely new light. In addition, it will speak to the concerns of historians, political scientists, and scholars of area studies, literature, and art.
Specific Detail Info 22.6 x 15 x 1.5 cm
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