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Title In The Other Worlds: essays in cultural politics
Edition 1st Edition
Call Number 306 Spi i
ISBN/ISSN 0-415-90002-6
Author(s) SPIVAK, Gayatri Chakravorty
Classification 306
Series Title
GMD Printed Book
Language English
Publisher Routledge
Publishing Year 1987
Publishing Place London and New York
Collation xviii, 309p.
Abstract/Notes In this classic work, Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak, one of the leading and most influential cultural theorists working today, analyzes the relationship between language, women and culture in both Western and non-Western contexts.
Spivak here develops an original integration of powerful contemporary methodologies - deconstruction, Marxism and feminism - turning this new model on major debates in the study of literature and culture. In Other Worlds considers questions of theory across a broad spectrum (what, for example, does "pluralism" mean?) while also engaging in ongoing debates with other leading figures of contemporary criticism: political philosophers such as Habermas and Althusser, psychoanalysts such as Julia Kristeva, legal theorists such as Ronald Dworkin, literary and social critics including Edward Said, Wayne Booth, Donald Davie, Helene Cixous and Jean-Joseph Goux. Spivak's work also explores the literary text: Dante, Yeats, Wordsworth and Coleridge, Virginia Woolf, Margaret Drabble and the Indian writer Mahasweta Devi.
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