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The System of Objects
Author(s) : Baudrillard, Jean - Benedict, James
On Morality And Society
Author(s) : Bellah, Robert N - Emile Durkheim
Rampokan Bag. 1 Jawa
Author(s) : Van Dongen, Peter
Skinhead Nation
Author(s) : Marshall, George
Konflik Multikultur
Author(s) : Hae, Nur Zain - Marpaung, Rusdi - Setiawan, Hawe
Komik Indonesia
Author(s) : Boneff, Marcel
Author(s) : sartre, jean paul
Tafsir Kebudayaan
Author(s) : Geertz, Clifford
D.A Peransi dan Film
Author(s) : Sumarno, Marselli
Hegemoni Budaya
Author(s) : Ibrahim, Idi Subandi - Malik, Dedy Djamaludin
Human Societies
Author(s) : Giddens, Anthony

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